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18 Jan 2021 Covid-safe Protocol

As most of the players at Strathfield Bridge Club are considered in the vulnerable category with regards to infection with Covid-19, Canada Bay Club (CBC) has made it a condition of return to play an effective Covid-safe protocol that must be followed by all players. The following protocol has been agreed with CBC based on the published safety guidelines of the Australian Government.
A TGA approved surgical/medical grade mask must be worn at all times while at the table. Cloth masks are not approved and are regarded as significantly less effective (Australian guidelines) than approved surgical-grade masks. There are many fake, lower grade masks and cannot be worn at the table.
If you are unsure about the appropriate masks to buy, the club can provide you with a few masks, as well as information on where to buy approved masks.
Masks are primarily designed to prevent infection to others. This is called universal protection. A secondary aim is to protect the wearer. Glasses also help as infection can enter through the eyes.
If you wish to eat or drink, you must leave the table to remove the mask (do not push down under the chin and do not touch the front of the mask) and eat or drink. Replace the mask and sanitise your hands before returning to the table.
If you need to cough or sneeze, please turn away from the table and cough or sneeze into your elbow.
Hospital-grade hand sanitiser will be supplied at each table. Please sanitise your hands after each board before you touch the next board.
Our club has agreed with CBC that these protocols will be strictly enforced and these are the conditions under which we could return. If you find that you cannot adhere to these conditions of play, it is best that you postpone your return until CBC has different conditions for us.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Strathfield Bridge Club meets at the Canada Bay Club at 4 William Street, Five Dock, at 10:15am every Monday and 10:15 every Thursday (currently suspended). Please be seated ready to play 10 minutes prior to the start of the sessions. There is no break for lunch but coffee can be ordered from the downstairs bar before the start of the sessions.
Visitors are most welcome.
Please check our event calendar as there are some sessions which may be part of an ongoing event and participation from the first session may be required.
Table fee is $10 for members.
The sessions are conducted in a warm and friendly manner. Click here to find us on the map


Annual membership fees fall due in January. A membership form can be downloaded by clicking here



Results include those for the regular Monday and Thursday sessions at Canada Bay Club.


On days that team events are scheduled, normal duplicate is not played. Where the calendar on this site notes that the event is a 3 week event then walk-in players/pairs/teams cannot play if they have not played the first week of the event.
All Teams must nominate a Team Captain, who is responsible for ensuring that the team has a substitute if a member cannot play for a session.


Every effort is made to have our members play if possible. However, it is not always possible for the Director to play in red point events. Consequently, unless you have organised a partner, do not come to a red point event expecting to play, as the Director is unlikely to be able to partner you. Moreover, it is difficult for the Director to play in on a Monday given the number of tables. The Director may refuse to play in on a Monday. However, due to fewer number of tables the Director will usually be able to play in on Thursdays.